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Personalized Preventative Medicine

There is a consensus among specialists regarding the importance of preventative medicine. It can be life-saving for many patients, and especially for those at high risk of suffering from hereditary or genetic illnesses and disorders.

Medical Genetics is the latest approach to preventative medicine in the world. Early discovery and detection of the illness (or risk factor) at its initial stages, allow for treatment and impact on the progression of the illness.

Salus and GNA, the Center for Medical Genetics, are joined in a professional cooperation that adds significant value to Salus patients in all aspects related to gene-based preventative medicine.

As part of the Personalized Preventative Medicine plan at Salus patients receive, among others, a personalized plan for preventative treatment for various ailments including:

  • Diabetes, managed by Dr. Roy Eldor
  • Brain Stroke, managed by Dr. Chen Halevi
  • Heart Disease, managed by Prof. Yan Topilsky

Personal ongoing care, as provided by Salus experts through coordination and cooperation, ensures an informed choice of necessary tests, and allows for an optimal selection of the treatment and/or follow-up required.

Salus Personalized Preventative Medicine Provides You With:

Personalized Medical-Preventative Care

With Salus Personalized Medical-Preventative, the team of medical experts at Salus, headed by the clinic’s medical manager, Prof. Rogovski, plans a personalized diagnostics course for each patient, based on medical history (both personal and familial) as well as patient lifestyle to foresee risk factors and detect genetic disorders.

Most diagnostic procedures can be conducted privately at Salus, as part of specialized cooperation with the quick diagnosis unit at Asuta hospital and the Ichilov hospital ambulatory array.

This course saves time, energy and sometimes unnecessary tests as well.

Step 1: Meeting with Prof. Rogovski

Meeting Objective: Acquaintance with the patient, his or her medical history, a general examination and preliminary diagnostics.

Step 2: Referral to Diagnostic Procedures and Tests

According to the medical history and the preliminary diagnosis, the patient will be referred to tests and diagnostic procedures for preventative tests and early discovery.

The diagnostic procedures can be scheduled and arranged by the Salus team, and accompanies by a Salus team member.

Step 3: Supplemental Tests at Salus Clinic

Genetic consultation, during which the genetic risk will be considered, and according to the needs or desires of the patients, additional genetic tests will be conducted.

Examinations by Salus medical preventative care professionals according to findings.

Step 4: Summation and Personal Follow-Up Plan Preparation

Once all diagnostic test results (including genetics test, if such were performed) are collected and analyzed, the patient receives an orderly and detailed summary by Prof. Rogovski, along with recommendations for follow-up and treatment. If needed, the patient will be invited to a summary meeting at the clinic.

Unique Preventative and Follow-Up Course According to Genetic Test Findings

If the results of the genetic tests conducted demand it, the patient will be invited to a personal meeting with Prof. Friedman, Head of The Oncogenetic Unit at Sheba Hospital, and the medical director of GNA Medical. The personal preventative care and follow-up plan is then prepared with full coordination between Prof. Rogovski and Prof. Friedman.


Who is the medical service for?

People at high risk of developing genetic and hereditary illnesses

Any person highly aware of the importance of preventative medicine as life-saving

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