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Inclusive Healthcare

Personalized Ongoing Care

Salus’ Personalized Ongoing Case is a unique service of medical case management, especially suited for patients with complex conditions, oncological patients, patients with chronic conditions, post-surgical patients, patients in a prolonged period of hospitalization due to an illness and seniors.

The management of the patient’s healthcare by an expert in the field is accompanied by Prof. Rogovski and/or Prof. Sidi as the managers of the patient’s overall medical file.

Salus’ Inclusive Ongoing Care Includes:

  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Examination
  • Medical Treatment
  • Treatment Provider Coordination
  • Consultation / Treatment / Diagnostic Referrals
  • Ongoing follow-up by a highly-available expert doctor
  • Private medical coordinator / doctor available via phone
  • Administrative Assistance

Most diagnostic procedures can be performed privately and quickly through Salus, saving precious time, energy, and occasionally unnecessary tests as well.

Combined Ongoing Care for Senior Patients

To cater to the unique needs of senior and elderly patients caused by age, and sometimes chronic conditions, there is great importance to the personal approach and familiarity of a regular healthcare provider – a highly-available physician, working consistently with the patient.

The goal of this is to give the patient all the security and peace of mind possible. In addition, it is possible to order a doctor’s visit at the patient’s residence, if needed.

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