About Salus

Salus is the first medical center of its kind in Israel, working with a unique team of expert medical professionals and offering personalized medical service under an innovative approach to personal healthcare management. This means that all aspects of the patient’s medical care are managed in a single place by an expert physician, ensuring a unique overview of the patient’s wellbeing and integrating the patient’s medical and personal needs.

Every person requires medical services of different kinds at different stages of their life, but not everyone knows what type of treatment to turn to, how to combine the factors involved, and what decisions to make regarding the proper treatment required. The patients’ need for a centralized and professional authority to evaluate and manage their healthcare is what led to the establishment of Salus.

The Medical Director of Salus is Professor Ori Rogowski, an expert in internal medicine and head of Internal Medicine Department C in the Tel Aviv Medical Center.

Personal Healthcare Management

We live in times of specialization, where professionals manage our matters: an accountant manages our finances, a lawyer oversees our legal matters and so on. Personal healthcare management is also based on the need for experienced and professional management of health service, while integrating all patient needs:

  • Medical record management
  • Treatment and medical procedure prioritization
  • Referral to colleagues in all fields of medicine, when necessary
  • Close and complete ongoing care throughout the process to maintain continuity of care

With Salus, a patient can deposit his or her medical file with a professional equipped with the required experience to have an overall medical understanding of the patient’s needs. The role of the personal healthcare manager is to organize, manage and unify all the patient’s necessary medical services, with effective coordination of all medical service providers and therapeutic networks involved.

The professional team working alongside Salus experts is experienced in providing personal and close service to each patient, including a package of relevant administrative services.

The Salus Work Model

Personal healthcare management is the core of our work at Salus. The expert physician that functions as the personal family physician of the patient knows this patient, his or her medical file, and can recommend the most suitable diagnostics and treatment for each patient under their care. The Salus team will accompany the patient through every step of the process. Most tests and diagnostics can be performed privately via Salus, through the quick diagnosis unit at Assuta Hospital and the ambulatory service array at Ichilov Hospital. This fast track helps save time, energy and, in some cases, unnecessary tests.

The results of tests and diagnostic procedures are sent back to the expert physician managing the patient’s personal medical file, so they can evaluate the results in an overall view of the patient’s healthcare needs. This allows the treating doctor to integrate existing conditions and patient requirements to provide a recommendation on how to proceed. Internal consultation between Salus experts is conducted as part of the service offered, when necessary.

We Believe In

Uncompromising healthcare service quality

Superb medical services

Listening, empathy and sensitivity to the needs and challenges of the patient

A transparent relationship based on respect and mutual trust

All these contribute greatly to the confidence and mental resilience of the patient.

Salus – All the Advantages

The personal healthcare management model holds significant advantages for patients including:

A single contact point that collects, organizes and manages all medical matters; a team of specialists from the various fields of medicine, working in cohesion and with a broad view of the patient’s medical issues; coordination of the medication prescribed and treatment scheduled; maximal availability of medical experts; personalized healthcare and an accompanying administrative team.

Salus – When & Who For?

Complex medical cases

Oncology patients

Chronic patients

During a medical occurrence

Through an ongoing recovery process

Senior patients

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